Between us, it’s a winning combination!

There are two things that we have discovered in 25 years about our corporate clients:

  1. Meeting caterings need to be hassle free and easy to arrange.Image result for corporate food

  2. The food needs to be delicious and top-notch.

At Collins Catering, we do that every day for our corporate clients.

Whether you need a lay and leave service or a staffed catering, Collins Catering can meet your needs and make your meeting even better.

Our All Day Service is perfect for day-long meetings or seminars:

  • Tea and coffee upon arrival – Can we recommend our famous Bacon Baps?

  • Mid-morning coffee – Perhaps some light pastries and fruits?

  • Lunch – Our buffets are excellent and we can also provide an elegant hot sit-down menu.

  • Afternoon tea – We will bring beverages and some delicious cakes and pastries.

Our staff are always early to make sure that the food for your meeting doesn’t cause you any delays.
Collins Catering can provide you with canapes to croissants, rack of lamb to danishes.

Whether you simply need a light tea service or a formal boardroom luncheon, Collins Catering is your single stop for everything you need.

Give us a call today or click here to contact us and let us take the hassle out of planning your corporate catering and meeting lunches.